As many of you have noticed, a lot of blog posts about the new iOS 7 by Apple are growing during these days. Today, I want to share my thoughts about it, mainly as developer and less as a designer because I am not.

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I’m very happy to announce the release of MLTableAlert, an open source component for iOS. It allows you to present UIAlertView-like alerts with a table view, for a quick selection. It is Retina ready, supports ARC and is compatible with iOS SDK 5.0 or later.
MLTableAlert is also block-based so you don’t have to write a lot of delegates and code, just configure every block with actions you want the alert to perform. Continue reading for a quick look on this component, available for free under an attribution license.
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Hi everyone,
some of our primary tasks have been done so I’m very pleased to introduce WishOnList 2.0.0.
We rolled it out some days ago and almost all copies have been updated… But we want to say “sorry” for all the time you had to wait to get a brand new update for our app.
After this little preamble, we want to share some works about what’s new; let’s start with a simple list:

  • Overview Tab: to know total costs, deposits and more
  • Search by name, category or description
  • Add a photo to your wishes
  • Get a notification based on the release date of a wish
  • Manage total costs and deposits
  • Editing view completely rewritten and optimized
  • Wish detail view redesigned
  • Information view redesigned
  • Twitter sharing (iOS 5)
  • Goo.gl URL Shortener
  • URL Shortener improvements
  • Restart needn’t anymore to change wishes details in the lists
  • Icon badge
  • Small graphic changes and animations
  • English and Italian localization improvements
  • Bug fix

Unfortunately, we have set iOS 5.0 as required because there are some APIs and features that require it and we are sorry about users who still have iOS 4.x on their devices.
As you can read, now your wish list has got a completely new way to manage deposits and in the Overview tab, you can access to everything you want to know like how many wishes you have, how much they cost and hiw much deposit you have already paid. Describe your wishes as much as you can by adding a lot of information, or even a photo and, thanks to our smart Detail view, only the information you have added will be shown… Finally, you can search your wishes by name, category or description and when you set a release date, you will also receive a notification!
Obviusly there are a lot of bug fixes and improvementes to allow WishOnList to be fully compatible with iOS 5.0…
Anyway, we really hope that you will love this new update and please, leave us a 5-star review on the App Store!
Thank you for everything and we are here to hear your words!

Sorry for the delay but, with this post, I want to write some words about the new update released for WishOnList that arrives at version 1.5.0. There are some interesting news in this update and a lot of problems have been solved.
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With this new blog post I want to give some information about WishOnList’s development situation and other projects, too. As you could see, our application hasn’t been updated since April and the same is for our blog. Don’t worry, WishOnList’s development won’t stop and during this period we have worked to add something new to it. Read more…

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