Sorry for the delay but, with this post, I want to write some words about the new update released for WishOnList that arrives at version 1.5.0. There are some interesting news in this update and a lot of problems have been solved.

First, I want to talk about the new Purchased list… We have received a lot of request to add a way to remove purchased wishes from the list but in the meantime, to be able to consult them. Now, this is possible in fact every wish can be set as Purchased or To Purchase. According to this choise, a wish is moved to the appropriate list so you are able to consult everything, including what was purchased.
We have improved the protection system with passcode solving some errors and adding some little animations that allow to hide our wishes before entering the access code.
These are the main news and I want to thank everyone because you have supported us! Why don’t you leave a review to WishOnList on its App Store page? So we can know your thought about it!

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