With this new blog post I want to give some information about WishOnList’s development situation and other projects, too. As you could see, our application hasn’t been updated since April and the same is for our blog. Don’t worry, WishOnList’s development won’t stop and during this period we have worked to add something new to it. After WWDC11 held in San Francisco last June, we have worked so that our application could work well on the new software update is coming next months. Unfortunately I can’t say anything else about this because these information are under NDA. So, I can guarantee there will be updates for WishOnList and we will always work on it.
Now, I want to unveil some little information about a new project we are working on… It is an application, at first only for iPhone, completely designed and developed by us. Everyone could improve its productivity with it! Development hasn’t started yet and nothing is sure but if it had to start, I believe that only the latest versions of iOS would be supported because the use of new technologies (showed off at WWDC) is probable. At the moment, that is all… If you want to be informed and receive new information, you can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for your support and if you have ideas and requests, you are free to contact us, we are happy to know you suggestion!

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