I’m very happy to announce the release of MLTableAlert, an open source component for iOS. It allows you to present UIAlertView-like alerts with a table view, for a quick selection. It is Retina ready, supports ARC and is compatible with iOS SDK 5.0 or later.
MLTableAlert is also block-based so you don’t have to write a lot of delegates and code, just configure every block with actions you want the alert to perform. Continue reading for a quick look on this component, available for free under an attribution license.

It was born from one of my needs because I was working with maps and I needed a way to let users choose a location after a search. If you try to search a place which can return more than one result in the Apple’s Maps app, you will note that a similar alert will be shown. Unfortunately, it is still private and developers can’t use it in their applications so I had to create it from scratch. Now that it is complete, I’ve decided to distribute it for free because I think and hope it could be useful for other developers. However, after this little history about the component, here is how it looks like:

Download & Use

As I said, this code is available for free on GitHub, under a BSD-like license with attribution which can be found here. After downloading it, the package contains a demo project, MLTableAlertDemo, and a folder, MLTableAlert Files, which contains all what you need to use this component in your projects, just drag it in Xcode. The demo allows you to understand how to use this alert, but don’t worry, it is very straightforward!

Issues & Support

I can’t provide direct support for this code but I suggest you to use the GitHub Issues tracker, so I will solve any problems as soon as possible. Use it even if you only want to advice me an elegant way to write a code or if you want to request other features.

Final thoughts

Finally, if you feel grateful because I loved my work or because this component saved you a lot of time, please support our efforts making a donations or buying one of our apps. You can find more info about this here. Thank you so so much and remember to get in touch with use to be informed on new releases or bug fixes.

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