WishOnList for iPhone Changelog
Version 2.6.1 Released: February 2014 This is a bug fix update that solves some problems related to iCloud sync and its logic. There was a bug which kept asking to enable iCloud and it's has been fixed too.

We apologize for every inconvenience and we keep on testing to improve iCloud sync reliability and backup options!
Version 2.6.0 Released: January 2014
  • WishOnList finally brings iCloud support to sync your wishes across your devices
  • Backup and Restore: now you can create a backup copy of your data and import it when you will have to
  • Performance optimization
  • Small graphic improvements
  • Big fix
NOTE: We would like to know how well iCloud sync works for you! Please, drop us a line using the Contact page if you have problems.
Version 2.5.1 Released: October 2013
  • Fixed a bug which didn't allow to enter a valid cost for every wish
Version 2.5.0 Released: September 2013
  • WishOnList is completely new thanks to its updated design and user interface
  • New statistics are available in the Overview view
  • Categorized lists: from a wish, you can now get a list of all wishes in the same category
  • Share your wishes with your friends on Facebook
  • Sharing email message now includes all your wish information
  • Wishes can now be added from everywhere in the app
  • Russian and French localization improvements
  • Overall performance optimization
  • Small bug fix
NOTE: This update requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Version 2.0.2 Released: January 2013
  • French and Russian localization
  • iPhone 5 graphic improvements
  • Bug fix and performance optimization
Version 2.0.1 Released: October 2012
  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
  • Graphic tricks
  • Bug fix
Version 2.0.0 Released: June 2012
  • Overview Tab: to know total costs, deposits and more
  • Search by name, category or description
  • Add a photo to your wishes
  • Get a notification based on a release date of a wish
  • Manage total costs and deposits
  • Editing view completely rewritten and optimized
  • Wish detail view redesigned
  • Information view redesigned
  • Twitter sharing (iOS 5)
  • Goo.gl URL Shortener
  • URL Shortener improvements
  • Restart needn't anymore to change wishes details in the lists
  • Icon badge
  • Small graphic changes and animations
  • English and Italian localization improvements
  • Bug fix
NOTE: This update requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Version 1.5.0 Released: August 2011
  • Introducing Purchased Tab: a new list that shows your purchased wishes
  • Every wish has a status, Purchased or To Purchase
  • Added some animations to avoid the vision of the wish list before enter the passcode
  • Passcode improvements and bugfix
  • Other bugfix and performance optimization
Version 1.2 Released: April 2011
  • Twitter sharing: now you can share your wishes with your Twitter followers
  • Sharing by mail improvements
  • Bug fix and performance optimization
Version 1.1 Released: March 2011
  • Added the ability to choose a release date for the wishes
  • Added a section in Support to rate the application on the App Store
  • Completely rewritten url shortening system
Version 1.0 Released: February 2011
  • Initial release

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