A little blog post to let you know an update for WishOnList is live on the App Store.
With this update, version of the application goes up to v1.1 and there is something of new… Nothing of big and impressive but useful, maybe!

This is a little list of new features and bug fixes:

  • Added the ability to choose a release date for the wishes
  • Added a section in Support to rate the application on the App Store
  • Completely rewrote url shortening system

For example, if you are going to add a wish like a movie or a new videogame, you can now add a release date to remember when you can buy it.
Another new thing is inside the Support section of the app. There is a button that allow you to rate WishOnList on the App Store. So, you can interact with me leaving a comment on the app, instead of using emails or our Twitter account. I’ve chosen to add this button because, I don’t know you, but I hate apps that show an alert to rate it. In fact, I think this button is more clean and not annoying.
Finally, I’ve rewrote URL shortening system to avoid interface freezing and to make it faster than before.

Anyway, work is going well!

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