Closed Curtain

As you probably know, there are going to be a lot of announcements from Apple during next week. But also here at Matthew Labs, there is something new in the air… In this post I’m writing some words about what will be released by us in the future.

What do you notice from the image above? Yes, there is something a bit hidden behind the curtain… It is a version number: 2.5.0. So, have you already figured out what it means? Yes, exactly, it is the version number of the upcoming update for WishOnList.

The app hasn’t got an update since last January but this one will let you love it more and more! Every new detail has been crafted with love and simplicity, allowing WishOnList to provide a completely new user experience. The core features are always the same but everything else has been revised, improved and optimized, especially for iOS 7, because I’m sure it will be downloaded by almost all devices by one or two months from its release date.

This new iOS version is a big opportunity for apps and WishOnList will surely catch it! So, be prepared and update your devices to experience something new and different. And, if you haven’t already done, download WishOnList on your iPhone or iPod touch!


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