In this page I want to summarize the policy applied on this site.

1. Blog Posts
All the blog posts on this site,, are written by Matteo (unless otherwise indicated). If images are taken on Internet, images’ credits will be placed at the end of the article along with a direct link.
All trademarks mentioned in these post are property of their respective owners.

This blog is updated without any periodicity and frequency of items is not predetermined.
In this regard, this blog can’t be considered an editorial product or a newspaper under Italian law (law number 62 of 07/03/2011).

Site admin can remove, at his discretion, every comment that can represent one or more of this situations:

  • It is unlawful, defamatory, racist or calumnious.
  • It incites hatred or violence.
  • It is detrimental to persons, institutions religions or other’s privacy.
  • Use the same to promote commercial activities.
  • It is detrimental to trademarks, patents and copyrighted content.
  • It contains personal data of third.
  • It causes harm to minors.

Each comment will represent author’s point of view.
When a person submit a comment, this site will detect and will record some data about it, like date, time and computer’s IP from comment is sent. Personal data will not disclosed to other but only to the competent authorities in case of wrongful.

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