WishOnList 2.5.0 for iOS 7 released

All the waiting is finally over: WishOnList 2.5.0 is out now and you will love it so much! A lot of things have changed since our last update, starting from the app icon which is shown above. It represents a simpler and cleaner style applied to the whole app user interface so it can fit better with iOS 7.

As you may know, this update requires iOS 7 installed on your devices because it takes advantage of some amazing new APIs introduced with this new operative system. It is available as FREE update for existing customers and as paid new app for new customers.

WishOnList page has been updated too and you can reach it through this link; it shows what’s new and its redesigned user interface. Behind all this, there has been a huge work, lasted almost two months! We received a lot of emails about the application where users asked us new features and improvements… We have collected them during these months and made this fantastic update.

Since the core code has been completely rewritten, everything is more responsive and performant and here is a list of some new features introduced:

  • Wishes can now be shared with your friends on Facebook
  • Categorized Lists: you can now get a list of all wishes contained in a specific category
  • New statistics has been introduced in Overview view
  • A quicker way to set a wish as purchased

However, we are already working on something of new for WishOnList: it will have native 64-bit support for the new iPhone 5s and other great new features, all based on what you have suggested us! But, for now, check what’s new directly on your devices and let us know how we can continue improving our application: we really love your support. And finally, remember to write a 5-star review on the App Store!


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